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"Convention at Sea" FUN (continued...)

Freeport - day 5

Pictured at right is a harbor in Lacaya, which is larger than the city of Freeport on the island of the Grand Bahamas, and a destination where some headed to get in a day of snorkeling.

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Heading out of the harbor for a protected cove to explore a reef.

The port in Lacaya is a popular destination for sailing.

Some of the people on the trip enjoying exploring the reef...the "S" word (shark) was not to be uttered!

Heading back into port after an hour of snorkeling passing by the many beautiful condos.

A large hotel constructed to resemble a ship at sea - the profile is much more striking from off the island.

More condos...

And more of the colorful apartments available for rent, but alas, it was back to the ship!

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