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MOAA's Advocacy Mission: Legislative Goals
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Marathon Jam 2018 May 19, 2018

Marathon Jam 2018

May 19, 2018

* This annual event is sponsored by the New River Chapter of the North Carolina Council of Chapters, MOAA.

* Do you like “pickin’ and a grinnin’”? Supporting our troops and their families? Honoring local veterans? Oohing and Aahing over handmade patriotic quilts?

* You guessed it! The third annual Marathon Jam is just around the corner. Mark your calendars for May 19, noon to midnight in the Ashe County Arts Council building. Come for a while or stay for the duration. Bring your neighbors and friends (I assume they are one and the same!) and if you play an acoustic instrument, plan on sitting in for a spell. If you stay for the entire 12 hours, you will become an “Iron Picker”, a much revered title in the Marathon Jam world.

* Click here to open the New River Chapter’s MARATHON JAM poster...print it and post on your refrigerator and share it widely!.

* While pickin’ and grinnin’we will be raising awareness and money for military families by supporting the Fisher Houses at Camp Lejeune and Fort Bragg. As you know, Fisher Houses provide a temporary home, free of charge, for families of wounded service men and women so families can be with their loved ones during treatment, convalescence and rehabilitation.

* How is the money earned? Each musician reaches out to friends, family, neighbors and associates for sponsorship – just like a fun run. The only difference is that the musicians are strumming, not running. Admission for listeners is free of charge.”

* There are a few surprises in store for this year’s Jam. Plan on being part of the fun while further serving those who serve in our great military.

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VA Welcome Kit

VA Welcome Kit

* One complaint that Veterans have voiced about the VA is their uncertainty as to where to begin in order to receive services and supports.

* VA’s myriad of services, resources, and materials can be daunting. Therefore, the VA listened and released a Welcome Kit to guide Veterans to the benefits and services that they have earned.

* The VA Welcome Kit is user-friendly and addresses eligibility and benefits in six areas:

- Health Care,

- Finances,

- Housing,

- Employment,

- Education,

- Memorialization.

* Based on Veteran’s stage of life, Veterans can figure out how the VA can help in the present and future.

* Veterans can download a copy of the Welcome Kit for their convenience by clicking here.

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The 4th Branch Launches New Website & Petition

The 4th Branch Launches New Website & Petition

* Greetings and Happy 2018! We've got great news to share... The 4th Branch has launched a new website and advocacy center in support of our efforts to eliminate the state income tax on government retirees’ hard-earned retirement benefits! If you're receiving this email, you're already part of the new advocacy center and have access to alerts, calls-to-action, petitions and more.

* We Need Your Help! To help us launch the new site and our online advocacy tool, we've launched a new petition (in advance of this year's legislative session) to gather names to show the strength of our cause. Please take just a moment to visit the action center at the website and click "Take Action" (or the arrow beside "1 Petition") to add your name and help us validate our membership.

* As always, being a part of the 4th Branch is free and open to ANYONE concerned about ending the taxation of military, federal, state and local government retirement benefits. Feel free to share this email or the website with any of your peers.

Powered by VoterVoice

CLICK HERE to visit the new site - and visit the Action Center to sign the petition today!

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Cyber Threat Awareness Message

January 20, 2018

This is a Cyber Threat Awareness Message that is being provided by the Defense Information Systems Agency about a threat posed for users of NetFLIX in order to inform them about a phishing effort and to avoid providing any personal information in response to an e-mail.

► Download:
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2018 01 18 DISA Cyber Threat - NETFLIX (pdf 300.6 Kb)

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Bailey Patton - the Journey Continues

November 15, 2017

These are three corrected/updated 4th Branch materials that were created by the Insight Advocacy & Communications group for use based on materials that has been used in the past. They were recently provided to the 4th Branch Team with the recommendation that they be given widest dissemination. Edits have been made and the documents have been finalized and can be opened/read/printed out by clicking the individual items, below, or by opening in the Downloads.

Overview - Bailey and Study

Overview - Join

Overview - Legislative

► Download:
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Overview - Bailey and Study (003) (pdf 42.2 Kb)
Overview - Join (003) (pdf 44.7 Kb)
Overview - Legislative (007) (pdf 41.9 Kb)

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COL Jeri Graham Honored November 10, 2017

COL Jeri Graham Honored

November 10, 2017

COL Jeri Graham, North Carolina Council of Chapters Immediate Past President and MOAA Board Member is recognized as NC TarHeel of the Week as reported in the Raleigh News and Observer.

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New Entry Requirements for Camp LeJeune MCB October 4, 2017

New Entry Requirements for Camp LeJeune MCB

October 4, 2017

The below, downloadable press release is posted here to inform everyone of the newly adopted requirements for access to the Marine Corps Base, Camp LeJeune...everyone is encouraged to provide maximum distribution to persons in North Carolina regarding this change and the effect it may have on gaining access to the base.

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