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NC Lobbying Directory

From NCCOC President, Jeri Graham

* The web site listed below is the link to the Lobbying Directory, which is being provided to you as a designated individual or as an ethics liaison for an employing entity pursuant to the N.C. Gen. Stat. § 120C-220.

* The below Lobbying Directory file is a size that makes it difficult for some users to download it via email. As a result, a website has been created for you to download directly the file from the source.

* You may expect to receive the Lobbyist Directory approximately every 20 days while the General Assembly is in session and every 60 days thereafter.

Should your e-mail address change, should you cease to be a designated individual pursuant to Chapter 120C (Lobbying Act) or an ethics liaison for an employing entity, or should you have difficulty receiving this e-mail or opening the attachment, please contact the Lobbying Compliance Division of the Department of the Secretary of State at (919) 807-2170.

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MOAA Legislative Webinar From National MOAA Council and Chapter Affairs

MOAA Legislative Webinar

From National MOAA Council and Chapter Affairs

* To better facilitate the health and vitality of the council and chapter system, national MOAA facilitates periodic training webinars to address key council and chapter management issues that serve as the foundation for your long-term success.

* Recently, Col Mike Hayden, USAF (Ret), Director, Government Relations, offered specialized training for those wishing to learn more about the roles and responsibilities for the legislative chair/liaison position, grassroots advocacy efforts and legislative priorities.

* MOAA received an extremely large volume of responses for the webinar and were required to add a second “live” session. Unfortunately, we were sill not able to accommodate everyone and had a very long waiting list of interested members. We apologize for the inconvenience.

- The recorded session of the legislative affair training webinar, for those unable to participate or those who wish to review, is now posted to the website and may be viewed at the below link:

- For login assistance, please contact MOAA’s Member Service Center at 1-800-234-6622 until 6 PM EST. Thank you all for your membership and support.

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REPEAL OF THE COLA Does Membership in MOAA Matter??


Does Membership in MOAA Matter??

* Following up on the below posting that discussed action underway to repeal the HUGELY unpopular proposal by the Congress to reduce annual COLA payments to military personnel under aged 62, the below link to an article from verifies that such an action is imminent.

* In remarks on the webpage, "You guys have already won," Sen. James Inhofe (Okla.), ranking Republican, assured military association leaders who testified against the recent devaluation of military retirement as part of the Bipartisan Budget Act."

* Sen. Inhofe's reference was not only a testament to the unrelenting efforts on the part of MOAA to support military personnel, but it also reflects the pressure brought to bear on the Congress from the hundreds of thousands of e-mails sent in by MOAA members, and others, who subscribe to the weekly "Legislative Alerts" on the national website and enables sending communications to federal, state and local representatives to guarantee they understand the concerns of service personnel - active, retired, Guard and Reserve, former, and the surviving spouses of those for whom the Congress was getting ready to "break their promise!"

Thank you MOAA, and thank you everyone for answering the call to the Legislative Alerts on this issue.

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Investing in North Carolina's Future - An Update

November, 2013

* This is an update on progress with the North Carolina legislation for extending the Emory, Bailey, Patton settlement to all government employees. As you know, the 4th Branch did an economic analysis of what the Federal, State, Local and Military retiree brings to the State of North Carolina. The results of that study showed that for every $1.00 the state gives us in tax benefits we give them $2.50 in return. The study shows that we are an asset and not a liability to North Carolina.

* Are you getting tax relief for your retirement pay?? If your retirement benefits are $1,000.00 a month you get an additional $70.00 a month or $840.00 a year in tax relief thanks to the Federal Retiree Task Force.

* The below downloadable link is the 2011 update to the “Investing in North Carolina's Future” Report.

* A downloadable paper entitled “Our Continuing Obligation” by Ira Schwarz, Senior Advisor, North Carolina Council of Chapters, and a second paper entitled “Are We Obligated (Rev 2) are also provided below, along with Ira's Chronology of Litigation.

* Another document, The 4th Branch is a summary of efforts by the Federal Retiree Task Force (the 4th Branch) that was presented by Fred Black, immediate Past President of the North Carolina Council of Chapters at the 4th Quarterly Council meeting in Greensboro, NC.

* Each of these documents are are good information for Chapters, and members, to review.

* Contributions to provide additional funding to assist the committee working on getting “Bailey” through the North Carolina legislature can be mailed to:

Federal Retiree Task Force, 86 Pine Lake Drive, Whispering Pines NC 28327

Link: Click here to open the Documents link and read more!

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VADM Ryan's Letter to SECDEF Hagel on “<i>Fact vs. Fiction</i>” Excerpts from March 11, 2013 letter to the <u>Washington Times</u>

VADM Ryan's Letter to SECDEF Hagel on “Fact vs. Fiction

Excerpts from March 11, 2013 letter to the Washington Times

In an open letter to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, VADM Norb Ryan pointed out some of the flaws in the rhetoric concerning military health care and retirement programs that are the focus of some on Capital hill who see them as areas “ripe” for budgetary savings.

Ryan states, “As a former soldier and senator….the hardest part will be separating fact from fiction to make the best decisions.”

He goes on by saying, “The most important thing you can do is challenge the “experts” who use misleading rhetoric and statistics to sway you toward their conclusions. You’ll hear that military personnel costs are “rising out of control” and will “consume future defense budgets.” Bean-counters use these bogus arguments – and pundits repeat them — to divert money from military people programs to hardware or non-defense programs. Yet those arguments simply aren’t true.”

Ryan presents the facts, as follows:

• The defense budget has consumed a progressively smaller share of federal outlays. Today, it’s at its smallest share in 50 years and will drop further – below 12.5 percent – by 2017. That share is projected to continue to decline for the foreseeable future.

• Defense leaders complain military personnel and health costs are consuming roughly one-third of the defense budget – implying this is a dramatic increase from the past.

• Yet personnel and health care costs have comprised that same budget share consistently for the last 30 years. They’re no more unaffordable now than in the past.

• Moreover, this is a bargain when compared to the most similar corporations.

• Personnel costs comprise 61 percent of the budget for United Parcel Service, 43 percent for FedEx and 31 percent for Southwest Airlines.

• Your predecessors complained health care costs approach 10 percent of the non-war defense budget. However, health costs comprise 23 percent of the federal budget, 22 percent of the average state budget, 16 percent of household discretionary spending and 16 percent of U.S. Gross Domestic Product. By comparison, Defense’s 10 percent is modest.

In short, Ryan notes, “Truth be told, the Pentagon has used the military health care account as a “cash cow” to fund other programs — $708 million was diverted from the fiscal 2012 account to other programs, and diversions totaled $2.8 billion over the last three years.”

Retired Vice Adm. Norb Ryan Jr. is president of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA).

Read the full text of VADM Ryan's letter by following the below link.

Link: Continue reading here:

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* MOAA's “Take Action” page on their website addresses the question concerning sequester - which will take effect sometime on March 1st. Simply stated, it isn't whether it will do damage, rather how long it will take for that damage to become painful.

* Follow the below link to open and read the MOAA posting.

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Department of Veterans Affairs New Rule on Presumptive Care - Now In Effect March 14, 2017 (effective date)

Department of Veterans Affairs New Rule on Presumptive Care - Now In Effect

March 14, 2017 (effective date)

* The document (right) can be opened in a larger view - right click on the image - in order to read, or it can be downloaded to your computer below.

* Please ensure widest delivery of this information to all veterans who may have been affected by this situation at Camp LeJeune.

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VA LeJeune (pdf 206.1 Kb)

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