Legislative News for all NCCOC Chapters

Legislative News for all NCCOC Chapters

Ihor "Iggi" W. Husar is the North Carolina Council of Chapters 1st Vice President and lead for legislative efforts. David Lee, immediate past CoC President and Jeri Graham, whom all of you know, are on our legislative team. Iggi's goal is to stay in touch with everyone on a regular basis to share our MOAA legislative efforts at the federal and North Carolina state legislative level. Three chapters do not have legislative chairs appointed and for those chapters, he is reaching out to the Chapter Presidents. Using email, Iggi will share a summary of our current legislative efforts. In the meantime, he would like to know whether any are interested in receiving a legislative orientation at the NC legislature later this calendar year. Please confirm by sending an e-mail using the link to Iggi - above - and provide a Yes or No response. If yes, Iggi will send a follow up email to you proposing a range of dates for you to consider. If you have any legislative comments or issues you would like to share, please contact him using his name, linked above...as the Legislative Chair, Iggi looks forward to working with everyone in the Council of Chapters.

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Special Relief for those Potentially Impacted by COVID-19 March 16, 2020

Special Relief for those Potentially Impacted by COVID-19

March 16, 2020

Click here to open a special VA publication re: Coronavirus.

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VA Welcome Kit

VA Welcome Kit

* One complaint that Veterans have voiced about the VA is their uncertainty as to where to begin in order to receive services and supports.

* VA’s myriad of services, resources, and materials can be daunting. Therefore, the VA listened and released a Welcome Kit to guide Veterans to the benefits and services that they have earned.

* The VA Welcome Kit is user-friendly and addresses eligibility and benefits in the following six areas: Health Care / Finances / Housing / Employment / Education / Memorialization

* Based on Veteran’s stage of life, Veterans can figure out how the VA can help in the present and future.

* Veterans can open the link to the Welcome Kit for their convenience by clicking here.

* Open any of the below downloadable documents for more information on:

- VA Welcome Kit in B&W

- VA Welcome Kit in Color

- VA Publication on "What You Need to Know about COVID-19

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covid-19-links-and-resources (pdf 116.9 Kb)
va-welcome-kit-bw (pdf 741 Kb)
va-welcome-kit-color (pdf 1.6 Mb)

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