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VA Welcome Kit

VA Welcome Kit

* One complaint that Veterans have voiced about the VA is their uncertainty as to where to begin in order to receive services and supports.

* VA’s myriad of services, resources, and materials can be daunting. Therefore, the VA listened and released a Welcome Kit to guide Veterans to the benefits and services that they have earned.

* The VA Welcome Kit is user-friendly and addresses eligibility and benefits in six areas:

- Health Care,

- Finances,

- Housing,

- Employment,

- Education,

- Memorialization.

* Based on Veteran’s stage of life, Veterans can figure out how the VA can help in the present and future.

* Veterans can download a copy of the Welcome Kit for their convenience by clicking here.

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Veterans Benefits by State web post

* Here is an excellent review of veterans benefits in a state by state comparison on

* Check it out.

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