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Information Regarding Posts in the News and Events Subcategory of our Website
Information about Subcategories in News and Events on the NCCOC Website

Information about Subcategories in News and Events on the NCCOC Website

* There are seven (7) subcategories for posts that may be found on the North Carolina Council of Chapters website, to include: News / Events / Newsletters / Fund Raising Education / Legislative Issues / Veterans Affairs

* It should be noted that not all of the categories are present at all times...when a posting is found in one of these categories, a tab will be found as can be seen at the top of the page display.

* When all posts are displayed in the subcategory, left click on the tab at the top of the display to only see posts for that subject area, or scroll down through the posts to find one in which you are interested, then left left click the title of the post and it will appear in the display area.

* A post may contain several paragraphs and if any documents are included to provide additional information about the post, they can be found as a "Download". Left click on the word "Download," select the file and left click the title to open it on your computer.

An example of a document that can be opened using the download function, is shown below...the "Web Architecture Lesson Plan" was created in 2010 to educate anyone in the NCCOC on how to utilize the website.

► Download:
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Web Architecture Lesson Plan (pdf 1.9 Mb)

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