"Convention at Sea" FUN (continued) Nassau - day 3

"Convention at Sea" FUN (continued)

Nassau - day 3

Pictured at right are Doug and Cathy Ehrhardt posing for the "mandatory" Welcome to Nassau tourist shot!

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Escaping the Straw Market at the end of the pier in Nassau and heading out for a short tour of the "sights" by taxi.

Fort Fincastle, circa 1793, a Nassau landmark constructed to defend the island, but it was never needed for it's intended purpose.

Fort Fincastle as seen in 2013.

The Queen's Staircase, all 69 steps carved from stone, was intended to provide a means of escape, if needed (refer back to bullet #2).

Off to the north is Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas.

Close up of Atlantis, Resort Tower, part of the MEGA, all encompassing resort.

An afternoon of fine dining enjoyed by (L to R) Cathy Ehrhardt, Bob and Phylis Norman, Joe and Joan Long, and Renny and Vern Pike at Virgil's BBQ, one of many places to eat at Atlantis. Good food aside, we had to head back to the ship.

Link: Click here for day 5...

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