"Convention at Sea" FUN (continued) Underway - day 2

"Convention at Sea" FUN (continued)

Underway - day 2

Pictured at the right is President Bob Garman...the business of MOAA was first on the agenda!

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Council and Chapter members, as well as MOAA representatives MG Lynch and Col. Anderson, were on time and ready to discuss the business at hand.

Fred Black giving a "Bailey-Patton Re-Dux" presentation.

Valentine's Day dinner the evening of the second day at sea made for more enjoyable activities...Joan and Joe Long and Bill and Dee Culler sharing a dance.

Joe Lynch and his wife, Patricia almost block out Vern stealing a Valentine's Day kiss!

Bob and Nancy Garman looking pretty smart on the dance floor also.

By morning, day 3, we were almost eclipsed by a sister ship, the Carnival Breeze, which was easily 2X our small ship.

Looking back at six ships tied up in the Nassau harbor on our day-long visit.

Link: Click here for day 3...

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