Biennial Convention "Just for Fun" Awards June 13, 2015

Biennial Convention "Just for Fun" Awards

June 13, 2015

* Pictured (right) is Award Master of Ceremonies Ed Baisden who "officiated" in certifying the scoring from Saturday's highly competitive golf scramble and gave out the awards, along with a few others.

Scroll over the thumbnail photographs to the right to see award recipients, to include:

- Winners (L to R) George Brudzinski, Mark Almond, Maria and Juan Chavez with Ed Baisden...score? An honest 4 under par for 9 holes (or so it was reported)

- Bill Colmer receives one of the many raffle prizes awarded during the weekend festivities

- Jeri Graham presents a raffle prize to Mark Beymer

- Jeri is assisted by MAJ Almond's daughters, Faith and Hope in selecting some of the raffle prize winners

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