Blog for Council and Chapters to Discuss and Post Shared Information

Blog for Council and Chapters to Discuss and Post Shared Information

* All Council and Chapter members are encouraged to send in questions, comments or other issues needing clarification, or to make recommendations for information/action by the North Carolina Council of Chapters.

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MUSNAVC is MOAA's newest opportunity to be a part of an important and growing community of military service nurse corps providers...check out the link on the "Join Now" subcategory on the North Carolina Council of Chapters website!

says: captdouge ---#1 id:1421338265 Posted 07/14/17, 09:33

Council and Chapter Officers should open the "Council Business" / Documents link on this website to access MOAA National's website post with a topical index to the Policies and Procedures Guide regarding management practices for MOAA Councils and Chapters.

says: captdouge ---#2 id:1421338265 Posted 09/19/15, 08:43

The blog site has received several, repeated posts that want to promote commercial items or expand the reach of this resource to a wider audience. The posts have been, and will continue to be, rejected for obvious reasons...this is a resource for the use and sharing of information by "our member community," e.g., the North Carolina Council, it's Chapters, Officers and Board and retired military personnel and surviving spouses. Thank you for your service and please share YOUR posts of matters of importance to you. Thank you.

says: captdouge ---#3 id:1421338265 Posted 05/23/15, 06:57

I would like to hear the opinion of others, particularly chapter presidents, about the need and value of teleconferences. I personally find them boring, unproductive, and a waste of time. There is nothing we have discussed in the last two teleconferences that couldn't have waited until the next regular meeting. If there is a very urgent issue requiring a vote, it can be done by email. Am I the only one that feels this way?

says: prop blast ---#4 id:1421338265 Posted 03/02/15, 23:28

Thank you "prop blast" for sending your the author and distributor of the North Carolina Council of Chapters eNewsletter I make it a point to include a descriptor in the subject line to list the recipient group (mostly for my own edification). This may include "ALL NCCOC" to indicate all the Council officers, BOD members and Chapter Presidents / "NCCOC" to indicate Council officers only which includes the BOD / "NE" for newsletter editors or "WM" for website managers, and so on...I can't speak for the use of a similar practice for other North Carolina Council of Chapters e-mail authors so this post on the blog will hopefully serve as a useful guide for others. I should note that my eNewsletters are only for the North Carolina Council of Chapters hierarchy so I never send them out to individual members at the chapter level...if a recipient elects to forward an eNewsletter to the next level, it would indeed be essential to somehow share the DistList, but YES, when sending a group distribution e-mail, use of the BCC block is always recommended.

says: captdouge ---#5 id:1421338265 Posted 03/02/15, 18:10

When I receive an NCCOC e-Newsletter or an email from the NCCOC President I never know who else is a recipient since the practice is, and correctly so, to use "bcc" to address group messages. But I don't know if the message was sent only to chapter presidents, or chapter officers, or all chapter members. Recommend that the distribution of the message be included in the "Subject" line of the message in the future.

says: prop blast ---#6 id:1421338265 Posted 03/02/15, 18:02

comments reading from new to old now!

says: webguy ---#7 id:1421338265 Posted 03/02/15, 14:48

Do you sometimes wonder why membership in MOAA matters? Do you want some feel good stories about MOAA for your chapter newsletter or to share with potential members? Visit MOAA's website here -

says: captdouge ---#8 id:1421338265 Posted 03/02/15, 09:20

The Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission Report that was published on January 29, 2015 is available via MOAA and on our website as well under News and Events. Have you looked at the recommendations of the committee?? Do you have any concerns? Share them here, as well as consider sending an e-mail to MOAA.

says: captdouge ---#9 id:1421338265 Posted 02/18/15, 13:38

I recently had a conversation with a Chapter member regarding a question which had been sent to the "Contact Us" link on the website. In sharing the information, I asked if the chapter member had searched for an answer via the NC Council website to which he answered, "I never go to the site." I'm concerned that the wealth of information available to MOAA members who are in our North Carolina Council of Chapters system is not being fully utilized. Any questions/comments regarding this apparent underutilization and how we can better improve on same??

says: captdouge ---#10 id:1421338265 Posted 02/18/15, 13:29

Shopping with the grands at Northstar Mall in San Antonio...met a former USN LT Supply Officer who works as a claims adjuster with USAA and a MOAA member as well as a chapter member with the Alamo Chapter...the chapter has 1300! members. Yikes! Their regular meetings and activities allow for something for everyone! I'd love for each of our chapters to have that problem!

says: doug ehrhardt ---#11 id:1421338265 Posted 01/31/15, 15:17

I would reply to the comment posted by shabergg on 8/1 by asking if her reference to MOAA Connect blog was the national MOAA social media site which can be accessed at, or if she means this site, e.g., our NC Council blog. I briefly discussed this blog at our 3rd quarterly meeting in Salisbury and shared a similar opinion that if all our chapters were to embrace using this media to open a dialogue, ask questions, or merely air any concerns that it will INDEED be a great asset. I hope everyone agrees.

says: captdouge ---#12 id:1421338265 Posted 08/04/14, 19:39

georgeb in response to my comment on posting quarterly reports is a valid my experience, I found that in submitting AAR's, for example, they were dated with the date on which they were to be delivered. Using this as a go-by, the quarterly report for 2nd quarter - April, May and June - does end on June 30th...however, it doesn't become a NCCOC document until such time as it is posted, which for this cycle with be August 2nd. I'm not hard over on using either methodology, but as with other Council documents, we need to have a uniform method of reporting. Other comments/recommendations/ideas??

says: captdouge ---#13 id:1421338265 Posted 07/09/14, 16:23

#3 Why is the date of the report, the of the date of the mtg? Last day of quarter would seem easier?

says: georgeb ---#14 id:1421338265 Posted 07/09/14, 13:45

In my role as 1st VP for the NC Council in charge of Public Affairs & Communications/Web Operations, I'd like to query other NC Council officers, BOD and Chapter Presidents if you have or have not logged on to MOAA Connect and created your user profile. If yes, do you feel that MOAA Connect serves a need for our Council? If no, why have you chosen to not utilize MOAA Connect? (BTW, MOAA Connect can be accessed using and your username and password should be the same as what you use to access MOAA's website.

says: captdouge ---#15 id:1421338265 Posted 07/07/14, 12:03

When Presidents of NC Council chapters submit their "Quarterly Chapter Reports" to the NC Council before each quarterly meeting, they are reminded that the period of the report should be the PREVIOUS Quarter - that is to say, when attending the 3rd Quarter meeting, the Chapter Quarterly report being submitted should be for the 2nd Quarter as you are reporting on activities/events that were completed in the prior quarter. The date selected for the report should be the date of the NC Council meeting when at which time the report is being submitted to the NC Council secretary.

says: captdouge ---#16 id:1421338265 Posted 07/07/14, 11:59

Do you have an item to share or a topic to be discussed with your fellow NC Council associates? Log in with your username and e-mail and begin a dialogue...

says: captdouge ---#17 id:1421338265 Posted 04/25/14, 15:29

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