Military Audiology Assoc. - Dedicated to Preventing Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Resource Site recommended by Hank Wade, TarHeel Chapter

* Check out this link to the hearing aid program offered by the military. It took me about amonth to get them through Fort Jackson, Columbia, SC.

* My contact at Fort Jackson: Tommy L. Alston and/or Linda Ruckrigel who can be reached at 803-751-0307. They can send you the information you will need to work with them. You will need to get a hearing test according to their specifications and a referral to HealthCare Finders - 804-751-2362 - who will call and quality you and set up appointments.

* Linda did the fitting and obtained the hearing aids and set them only took two day trips to Fort Jackson. My hearing aid person in Winston suggested I get the Siemens' Motion 700 ITE in the ear and the Tek unit that accompanies it. The program cost was $970 vs the $8,300 plus tax retail,

* You might want to look up the Siemens' Motion 700 on the Internet; it has features that help in noisy environments and is also Bluetooth capable for TV, cell phones, etc.

* I tried to get the VA to give me a hearing test, but quit after months and mounds of paperwork. Medicare paid for the hearing test, NOT TriCare for Life.

For locations, be sure to link to RACHAP/RHAPP Locations, under Hearing Adis, on the website link below.

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