Public Health Corps

USPHS sites dedicated to disability resources

* The Public Health Corps has numerous resource links designed to assist with the many challenges faced by persons with disabilities.

* Click to link to any of the resources listed below for more information.

- Disabled Renters' Housing Rights.

- Grants for Home Modification.

- Fire Safety and Disabilities Code.

- Learn About the Different Types of Service Dogs.

- How to Cope with Sudden Illness or Disability.

- Depression and Disability.

- The 45 Warning Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse.

- How to Stay Physically Active.

- Top Tips for Getting Fit if You're Disabled.

- The Science of Sleep.

- The Center for Disability Empowerment.

- Disability Etiquette: Tips on Interacting with People with Disabilities.

- Violence Against Persons with Disabilities.

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