VIRTUAL STORMING 2020 Posted August 8, 2020


Posted August 8, 2020

* The below, downloadable file is a flyer detailing the NCCOC effort to storm the legislature in the time of COVID-19. Reaching out to our representatives is never more important than during the difficult time of the pandemic to ensure that a final bill is enacted to protect our benefits and keep military health care strong.

* Additionally, there are several links in the attached flyer that provide a number of options that are presented as hot links, to include: a Fact Sheet and Talking Points, take action by sending Senators e-mails on the topic, call by finding numbers for state and national officers or to check listed website for local offices, and send a report on the various issues to legislative representatives.

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NCCOC - Summer Storming 2020 (pdf 163.5 Kb)

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