Engage 4th Branch February 23, 2015 Launch Date

Engage 4th Branch

February 23, 2015 Launch Date

* Of the many important activities the North Carolina Council of Chapters has going on, one that is history in the making is our collaboration with The 4th Branch.

* After many months of decision making, collaboration and process improvements, we now all have an electronic communications resource to contact our NC legislators.

* We’ve learned from years of TAKING ACTION with National MOAA important legislative matters, that having the use of technology enables us to have a much more powerful collective voice.

* The 4th Branch, along with other Federal Retiree Task Force members, were heavily involved in the decision making and seeking the support of CQRoll Call ENGAGE. Now YOU are being asked to register in the program.


1) When completing your registration, enter NCCOC-MOAA where it asks for an organization.

2) When it asks for where you have served, check off all applicable boxes including MILITARY.

3) Make sure that you put in your entire "Zip + 4” zip code.

- Remember that this company has an impressive security system and is very widely used by other advocacy groups.

- The new 4th Branch website houses this program and you will find important links to the mission of the 4th Branch, news feeds and a messaging component where you’ll receive messages to TAKE ACTION.

- After you become registered, let’s build a POWERFUL VOICE IN NORTH CAROLINA by contacting everyone you know and asking them to also register.

- YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MOAA member to have a voice in this system. You just need to live in NC and complete the registration.

- This system will enable us to target messages for organizational groups, but it is only a start! It won't be effective if we don’t all participate.

- Thanks again for all that you do every day to demonstrate that you care and advocate for ALL service members, retirees, veterans, families and survivors.

- I’m counting on you to get ENGAGED. Please know that I welcome your questions and concerns.

Email: COL Jeri Graham, USA-Ret., NCCOC President

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