MOAA Partners with GovX Discount buying program

MOAA Partners with GovX

Discount buying program

* Click on the below link to open/read about GovX premium lifestyle and outdoor brands buying program. MOAA members can qualify for discounts via the program.

* It's quick, easy, and an exclusive service for MOAA members to receive 20-50% savings on a variety of products, from premium watches and sunglasses to hunting gear, golf equipment, and popular outdoor and lifestyle brands and even tactical gear.

* Simply click on the link below to visit and be sure you are logged into MOAA.

Who qualifies?

MOAA members all receive special access. GovX is not available to the public — only MOAA members and other military and government verified employees. It’s a place to exercise a privilege not extended to others in the marketplace.

How do I access these discounts?

Open the MOAA website and sign in with your MOAA name and password, and you’ll be able to easily access

Added MOAA benefit:

10% OFF your first order…In addition to their everyday deep discounts, you’ll receive a 10% discount on your first order. The GovX customer service team will answer whatever questions you might have about any GovX products; just call their toll-free number (888) 468-5511.

Link: Click here:

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