Investing in North Carolina's Future - An Update

November, 2013

* This is an update on progress with the North Carolina legislation for extending the Emory, Bailey, Patton settlement to all government employees. As you know, the 4th Branch did an economic analysis of what the Federal, State, Local and Military retiree brings to the State of North Carolina. The results of that study showed that for every $1.00 the state gives us in tax benefits we give them $2.50 in return. The study shows that we are an asset and not a liability to North Carolina.

* Are you getting tax relief for your retirement pay?? If your retirement benefits are $1,000.00 a month you get an additional $70.00 a month or $840.00 a year in tax relief thanks to the Federal Retiree Task Force.

* The below downloadable link is the 2011 update to the “Investing in North Carolina's Future” Report.

* A downloadable paper entitled “Our Continuing Obligation” by Ira Schwarz, Senior Advisor, North Carolina Council of Chapters, and a second paper entitled “Are We Obligated (Rev 2) are also provided below, along with Ira's Chronology of Litigation.

* Another document, The 4th Branch is a summary of efforts by the Federal Retiree Task Force (the 4th Branch) that was presented by Fred Black, immediate Past President of the North Carolina Council of Chapters at the 4th Quarterly Council meeting in Greensboro, NC.

* Each of these documents are are good information for Chapters, and members, to review.

* Contributions to provide additional funding to assist the committee working on getting “Bailey” through the North Carolina legislature can be mailed to:

Federal Retiree Task Force, 86 Pine Lake Drive, Whispering Pines NC 28327

Link: Click here to open the Documents link and read more!

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