Vets in the Fight October 10-11, 2016

Vets in the Fight

October 10-11, 2016

* Sandhills Chapter President Polly Flippo shared information from the 3rd Quarterly Meeting that was held in Blowing Rock, NC about an important program that supports veterans from the Veteran Patriots Action Conference.

* Vets In The Fight is providing a robust "Get Out The Vote" educational program led by some of the nation's foremost experts on campaign strategy at the local, county, state, and federal levels at Owens Auditorium, Sandhills Community College.

* The purpose of this conference is to educate and engage veterans in the current presidential election by providing a forum for speakers to address veterans' and national security issues. Several well known speakers have already committed and both presidential candidates have been invited to attend or send a representative from their campaign to speak at the event.

* The conference is $65 for both days and includes a box lunch.

* VPAC is asking veteran organizations to help publicize the event and encourage attendance. If so inclined, there are also opportunities to sponsor a wounded veteran to attend and to become an event sponsor.

Link: To register or get more information go to:

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