NC Council Expense Form

NC Council Expense Form

* To use the NC Council expense form (in order to be reimbursed for a purchase or a service):

1. Open the expense form here: NC Council Expense Voucher (F), or click on the download link, below.

2. While the form is open on your computer, fill in the required fields;

3. Use your printer to print 2 copies – keep one and send the other via snail mail - along with receipts - to the NC Council Treasurer for payment; OR

4. After filling out the form, save it to your computer using a NEW file name as the form is write protected; then e-mail it to the NC Council Treasurer as an attachment. (You won’t need to print a 2nd copy - unless you want to - as you'll have the completed form resident to your own files on the computer. Enter "Expense Voucher" in the subject line of your e-mail which will then serve as alternative to a signature on the form).

Note: If you can SCAN the requested receipts, they can also be attached to your e-mail. Check the box that indicates the receipts and sales slips are included, or the box to indicate that the receipts will follow via snail mail to the Treasurer.

5. Viola! In the blink of an eye (or at the end of the next quarterly council meeting), the NC Council Treasurer will send you a check.


- As an alternative to the methodology above, when you have the form open on your computer, simply select PRINT to get a blank form...fill out by hand (penmanship counts!) and snail mail it, with receipts, to the Treasurer (name/address under the Council Officers link).

- In the "Total" block, simply cross out the $0.00 and enter your own calculated total (rounding up is discouraged!).

Email: COL Baisden

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NCCOC Expense Voucher (F) (pdf 149.4 Kb)

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