NC Council of Chapters - 4th Quarter Meeting, 2013 October 25 - 26, 2013 (Fort Fisher)

NC Council of Chapters - 4th Quarter Meeting, 2013

October 25 - 26, 2013 (Fort Fisher)

* The 4th Quarterly North Carolina Council of Chapters meeting was hosted by the SENCLand Chapter at Fort Fisher Air Force Recreation Center, Kure Beach, NC.

* The invited speaker for the Quarterly Council meeting was CAPT John Plehal, Director, Membership and Marketing, MOAA, who attended the meeting and installation ceremony due to a schedule conflict for COL Barry Wright.

* CAPT Plehal's PowerPoint presentation to the Council is contained in the below downloadable on "NC Council Oct 2013" to open/read/print.

* As scheduled, CAPT Plehal officiated the ceremony to install COL Jeri Graham as the new North Carolina Council President, the completion of LTC Robert Garman's two year tenure as President, and the installation of two new Vice Presidents, CAPT David Lee and COL Harley Ellinger.

* Click on the below link to view pictures from the quarterly council meeting.

- On Friday evening, a Cook Out was held featuring a steak and chicken barbeque prepared by members of the Chapter at the Fort Fisher Beach House.

- On Saturday, October 26, an optional tour to Southport, NC was provided for spouses of Council members.

- Open any of the below downloadable files to read/print documents or information that was discussed at the North Carolina Council of Chapters Board of Directors on Friday, October 25, or as part of the regular business meeting on Saturday, October 26.

Link: Click here to enjoy pictures from the 4th Quarterly NC Council meeting:

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