North Carolina Council of Chapters 1st Quarterly Meeting, 2019

North Carolina Council of Chapters

1st Quarterly Meeting, 2019

* The Sandhills Chapter (NC-06), Jeffrey Beran, President, welcomes you to join the chapter in Pinehurst, NC on January 18-19, 2019.

* Open the President's welcome letter (January plans) which has all the information needed to make your stay a comfortable one in Pinehurst, NC.

* Reservations for hotel accomodations may be made via phone, or by email, fax, or mail...the reservation form is an Adobe Acrobat document that can be filled out on your computer and then printed on your own is recommended that you print two (2) copies, one for your records and one to send in to Pinehurst reservations, as noted on the form.


- Pinehurst requires a 30 day advance notification, if after making a reservation, there is a need for cancellation! Therefore, all reservations must be made by December 19 in order to receive the rate quoted for the meeting, otherwise Pinehurst will increase your rate...

- In light of recent reports of hacking, it is STRONGLY recommended to submit the reservation via mail or fax if you have included your credit card information on the form.

- A recommended alternative would be to send the resevation form WITHOUT credit information and follow up with a telephone call to Pinehurst to provide same...

- Or simply complete your reservation entirely by telephone at the number provided - (855) 327-2470 - on the form!

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