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President COL Jim Brumit, USA-Ret.

COL Jim Brumit, USA-Ret.

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1st Vice President

1st Vice President COL Iggi Husar, USAR-Ret.

COL Iggi Husar, USAR-Ret.

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2nd Vice President

2nd Vice President Lt. Col. Ed Brown, USAF-Ret.

Lt. Col. Ed Brown, USAF-Ret.

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Secretary COL Jeri Graham, USA-Ret.

COL Jeri Graham, USA-Ret.

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Treasurer CAPT Mike Covell, USN-Ret.

CAPT Mike Covell, USN-Ret.

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Surviving Spouse Liaison

Surviving Spouse Liaison Ms. Sandi Adams

Ms. Sandi Adams

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Immediate Past President

Immediate Past President CAPT David Lee, USNR-Ret.

CAPT David Lee, USNR-Ret.

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